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CareerView Podcast - The Path to Becoming a Chief Risk Officer

The next instalment of the CareerView Podcast series discusses the path to becoming a Chief Risk Officer from the experience of icare's 'Chief Risky Dude' Gavin Pearce


Advance maths study really is in decline in NSW

Jennifer Lang takes a dive into HSC stats and the numbers of students studying maths and sciences. What she finds is "a bit scary" for anyone looking for a future mathematically inclined workforce.

The Critical Line: Volume 4

In this month’s mathematical musing: the man who knew infinity, interesting integers, nested radicals, and peculiar processes.

The Critical Line - Volume 1: Hello, World!

Welcome to the first instalment of The Critical Line; the new monthly column dedicated to mathematical musings, transcendental ramblings, statistically independent thought, and most importantly... a plethora of new puzzles.

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