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Wealth Management Investment Competition 2017-2018

In late July to early August 2017 we put 20 demanding propositions to you as if you were an Investment Analyst / Economist. We had 154 brave souls who took up the challenge and entered this year’s Wealth Management Investment Competition. They are looking to win bragging rights (and some fantastic prizes) across the Actuarial profession!

Wealth Management Investment Competition 2017-2018 and Last Year’s Results

Last year 163 participants answered 20 demanding propositions put to them as if they were an Investment Analyst / Economist in the Wealth Management Investment Competition. Overall the profession did pretty well with a 62% hit rate. Some did very well – two with 100% hit rates - while others have much explaining to do! Are you willing to go again for 2017-18?

China - Too big and inefficient to ignore

The Life Insurance and Wealth Management Sub-Committee has put together the first instalment of their China Series. This article introduces the series, highlighting the economic environment in China and some implications for the future.

Update on physical, transition and liability climate risks

An Actuaries Institute event last week explored case studies of the physical risks from natural disasters, transition risks for investors as economies adapt to low carbon emissions, and governance risks for trustees and boards of directors.

Wealth Management Investment Competition 2016-2017

Following the success of last year’s Asset Allocation competition, the Wealth Management Sub-Committee has decided to run a new investment competition, but with a twist. Instead of acting as a Portfolio Manager, this year you must act as an Investment Analyst / Economist – and your Portfolio Manager boss is going to ask you some demanding questions!

2015-2016 Asset Allocation Competition: Results

Sixty-two investors entered last year's Asset Allocation Competition that challenged competitors to assess risk and return in various sectors. Join Ben Trollip as he reveals the results of the competition and speaks to our winners.


You can call me Al

Computer algorithms can beat humans in chess, Jeopardy and medical diagnoses, so why not insurance? Actuary and Deloitte Partner, Stephen Huppert examines financial advisors free of personal bias and sales targets.

Let’s go Investment

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