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Ethical challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been described as the 4th Industrial Revolution. Here, Dr Attracta Lagan, leading Australian business ethicist and advisor to Boards and CEO’s, explores some of AI's ethical challenges.

The ethics of machine learning - Podcast with Tiberio Caetano

With companies starting to pay the price for inadvertent unethical outcomes created by their systems and engineering, there is a need for data science professionals to understand and respect the discipline of ethics.

A different road to success - Interview with Martin Fry

After an eventful 43-year career, Taylor Fry Principal Martin Fry looks back on a lifetime of quiet achievement, his passionate aversion to hierarchy and the guru that inspires him to this day.

Book Review: 'Working Ethically in Finance: Clarifying Our Vocation'

Chris White reviews Anthony Asher's book 'Working Ethically in Finance: Clarifying Our Vocation' and concludes it is a book all actuaries should read and actively discuss.

Ethical traps threaten business reputation

The risk of ‘group think’ in organisations and strict regulation at the expense of individual empowerment were discussed at a recent Actuaries Institute event

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