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Trust us, we are here for you - Rebuilding trust in Financial Services

Chief Editor of Actuaries Digital Angat Sandhu discusses how Financial Services organisations can start winning back customer trust.


2018 Agenda – Key themes for financial services players

Chief Editor Angat Sandhu's first Editorial focuses on key themes at play in our industry, from regulatory paradigm shift, to heightened customer expectations, and finding efficiency though technology and data analytics.

It’s a wrap – 2017 ‘most read’ articles

2017 was a great year for Actuaries Digital. Actuaries submitted reports, columns and comment on topical issues across the nation, Asia Pacific, and stories closer to home. HQ Editor Stephanie Quine shares the top five 'most read' articles from each quarter in 2017.

The top ten articles on Actuaries Digital

Actuaries Digital features a range of different articles that are mostly contributed to us by guest authors. In this month's editorial, Trang Duncanson highlights the magazine's most popular articles and some tips on what makes a 'well read' article.

How wonderful to see APRA publish their discussion paper ‘The role of the Appointed Actuary and actuarial advice within insurers’

Chief Editor Trang Duncanson shares her thoughts to generate discussion and strongly encourages us to contribute.


Asian leaders in corporate Australia

In this editorial, Trang Duncanson gives us some food for thought in regards to cultural diversity in the workplace and the hidden disadvantages for those from Asian backgrounds. What does this mean for the actuary brand in the future?


A Crack in the Glass

Pollard’s Political Persuasion


Technocrats and Democrats

Technocrats and Democrats


Now that the dust is settling from the initial flurry of immediate responses to the first budget of the new Australian government, some of the long-term implications are becoming clearer.

Mental Arithmetic

The Pace of Change

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