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Books that made me - Normal deviance

Regular columnist Hugh Miller reflects on the books that he’s found most useful in his career so far.

Book Review: Keating’s & Kelty Super Legacy

Enock Chiyangwa gives a synopsis of the recently launched book by, Mary Easson, a former politician and respected executive in the superannuation industry.


The Actuarial Poet: Suture Lines Review

Victoria Gao reviews Paul Scully's poetry book, Suture Lines, and shares some of his inspiration and passion for the art.


Book Review: Not Guilty by Nicolette Rubinsztein

Jennifer Lang reviews actuary Nicolette Rubinsztein's new book 'Not Guilty' which applies the McKinsey 7-S Framework to the life of a career mum.


Book Review: Superforecasting

Today’s book review is Superforecasting: The art and science of Prediction, by Philip E Tetlock and Dan Gardner.


Actuarial Mindset: Fixed in the past or positioned for growth?

Actuary Wayne Brazel reflects on whether actuaries possess the mindset to capitalise on present opportunities.

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