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Reflections from Actuary Today 2018

Kelvin Hii shares his experience in representing the Actuaries Institute at the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Actuary Today event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Asia’s Joint Regional Seminar (JRS) to come to Sydney  

For the first time, since its inaugural event in 2002, the Joint Regional Seminar (JRS) will come to Sydney this August. Kitty Chan explains the importance of the Seminar to the Asian region.

Asia Tour 2018 Part 3: Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

After our short stay in Shanghai, we headed to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to complete the Asia Tour 2018. With special presenters on Data Analytics and actuaries in business, the event was a fantastic forum top discuss our future together.

Asia Tour 2018 Report - Part 1: Hong Kong

Kitty Chan reflects on this year's Asia Tour in Hong Kong, including an interview with HK-based FIAA, Chui Mei Siew and highlights from the Hong Kong visits.

Letting Insurance Asset Data Speak for Itself

In late 2016, the Society of Actuaries (SOA) commissioned a paper on asset allocation trends of Asian life companies. Two FIAA’s who co-wrote the paper “Letting Insurance Asset Data Speak for Itself”[1] highlight its key findings here. 


A new beginning, Year of the Dog

The Year of the Dog began on 16 February 2018, celebrating family union, good fortune and prosperity.  But do you know how fiercely competitive Chinese Zodiac animals can be?

Under the Spotlight - Asia series - Queenie Choi

Actuary Queenie Choi has moved into the NGO space in hopes of making a difference in people's lives. Here, she shares her vision of helping the less fortunate in Northeast Thailand.

Actuaries in Asia - Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Asia Liaison Manager, Kitty Chan, reflects on her first three months at the Actuaries Institute.

Actuaries in Asia - Beijing and Shanghai

The Institute's Hong Kong based Asia Liaison Manager, Kitty Chan, reflects on her visits to Beijing, Shanghai and the China Actuarial Association, along with President, Jenny Lyon and CEO, David Bell.

5 minutes with Kitty Chan 陳潔心 - Actuaries Liaison Manager, Asia

We sit down with Kitty Chan, the Actuaries Institute’s new Liaison Manager based in Hong Kong to learn about her experience as an actuary, and outside the profession.

Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons and Spouting Merlions

In this month's President's Column, Estelle Pearson reflects on her recent time in Asia for the CPD Roadshow, developments in the continent and reminds you to have a say on the Appointed Actuary Discussion Forum.

Career Insights with Dr Michael Goodwin

How does a veterinary surgeon transition into a highly sought after actuarial advisor in Asia? Kelvin Chan reports on an insightful YAP talk in Hong Kong.


Micro-insurance in the Philippines

Is Australian style community rating a good model for developing health micro-insurance in the Philippines?


Standing at the C-ROSS of China’s Insurance History

An Outline of China’s Risk Oriented Solvency System (C-ROSS)


Working in Asia

This month’s Pulse Survey focused on gauging your experiences and opinions on working in Asia.


An Equatorial Perspective - Experiences in Malaysia

Tim Howell, Director, Actuarial Service Centre Asia Pacific at Zurich tells of his move abroad.

Actuarial Careers in Asia – An Update

Authors Jas Singh and John Killick, along with Jenny Lyon, all from SKL, recently visited Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong with the aim of connecting with actuaries in the area. Here they share their experiences.

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