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“There’s a BEAR in there” – The new financial services regime in Australia

Mark Baxter looks at the potential consequences of recently announced, significant extension to APRA’s powers relating to senior banking executives - will the Banking Executive’s Accountability Regime be a teddy BEAR or a grizzly BEAR?

The Three Lines of Defence

The Three Lines of Defence model is often cited in modern risk management. What is it and where do actuaries fit in?

APRA Insights on Risk Culture

Sean McGing reports on the March 7 Insights Session which saw Fahmi Hosain, Head of Governance, Culture & Remuneration at APRA cover issues across banking, insurance and superannuation.

Banking on Capital: An Overview

Last month (Tuesday 30 August), the Actuaries Institute brought together an incredibly strong set of speakers from industry, regulators and academia to present their insights on the world of banking. Peter Sinkis reports.


Appointed or C-Suite?

Institute President Lindsay Smartt shares some thoughts on the current review of the Appointed Actuary role.

How wonderful to see APRA publish their discussion paper ‘The role of the Appointed Actuary and actuarial advice within insurers’

Chief Editor Trang Duncanson shares her thoughts to generate discussion and strongly encourages us to contribute.


Appointed Actuary Role Review

The role of the Appointed Actuary went under the microscope last week as members packed into the Institute Forum to hear a panel discussion with Deputy Chairman of APRA, Ian Laughlin, along with Brett Ward, Jamie Reid and Hoa Bui.

Public Policy and APRA

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