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Actuary's book launches flexible work discussion

Director, actuary, former General Manager of Strategy at Colonial First State/Commonwealth Bank and mother of three, Nicolette Rubinsztein, today launched her first book 'Not Guilty'; a practical guide for 'career mums' who want to better balance professional life and motherhood.

Optimising a diverse team

Sometimes, the biggest challenge in management is learning how to lead according to the make up of your new team. Jan Swinhoe writes about her personal experience and shares tips on how to optimise a new team of highly diverse members.


Bill Konstantinidis from the Institute's Leadership and Career Development Committee discusses how important it is to keep in touch with your professional network. He also shares his personal experience of 'friendworking' and the benefits to his career.

Do Actuaries have the skills to be Chief Analytics Officers?

Actuaries have the mathematical, statistical and programming skills to take a company’s data to the next level. But how do their skills align to current Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) roles, and what courses are on the market to help actuaries them bridge the gap? Bill Konstantinidis investigates.

Actuaries as Entrepreneurs – Have you got what it takes?

Are you radical? Visionary? A risk-taker? Then the common perception is you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. But is there more in the make-up of an entrepreneur than just these characteristics, and can they be learnt or must you be born with them?

In the Wrong Job? What Can You Do?

There are many reasons you might feel stuck in the wrong job. Here, Dr Anthony Lowe discusses the importance of creating 'non-linear' options for your career early on and maximising your skills and experience towards more rewarding work.


A quiet warrior and thoughtful leader

CEO David Bell reflects on the leadership traits and personal style of Admiral Raymond Spruance in the Second World War, to draw out some insights for leaders today.


On the Pleasures and Benefits of Collaborating with Other Professions

Dr Anthony Lowe is often asked why an actuary would become Chief Executive of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and whether he still uses his actuarial skills in the job.

12 Things Good Bosses Believe

Ever wondered what is going through your bosses head? Surely not swirls of worry about their own humility or mettle as a human shield, right? NAB Head of Actuarial, Trang Duncanson reflects on what makes a good boss.


Actuarial Mindset: Fixed in the past or positioned for growth?

Actuary Wayne Brazel reflects on whether actuaries possess the mindset to capitalise on present opportunities.

The Value of Aligning Values

After attending the Sydney CPD Tour event, hosted by The St James Ethics Centre's Simon Longstaff, Martin Mulcare reflects on values and culture within organisations.


The Importance of Reflection

Reflection means different things to different people but generally I am referring to periods of thinking time where the focus of our thinking is our self.

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