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Jeff Humphreys awarded the 2017 Melville Prize

Congratulations to Jeff Humphreys, winner of the 2017 Actuaries Summit Melville Prize for his paper on Group Insurance.

The Challenge of Affordable Private Health Insurance

As health costs increase due to a range of demographic and other reasons, is Australia’s current private health insurance (PHI) system sustainable? Jamie Reid reports.

How can actuaries help in human services?

Last month Julia Lessing participated in the Actuaries Summit as a Plenary Speaker, encouraging delegates to “Think Differently” about the role of actuaries in tackling some of society’s wicked problems. This article covers the key themes from her presentation.

Actuaries Summit 2017 - What you missed!

The 2017 Actuaries Summit brought together a range of ideas affecting actuaries and the industries they work in. Here is a summary of the two-day biennial event in Melbourne.

Q&A with 2017 Actuaries Summit Presenters Martin Mulcare and Rick Gilmore

Martin Mulcare from Etiam interviews Rick Gilmore, founder of Good Company Coaching, on why remaining relevant is the core challenge of our time, and what to do about it. Martin and Rick will be presenting on Day One of the 2017 Actuaries Summit.

Under the Spotlight: Helen Troup

In this edition, Managing Director at CommInsure, Helen Troup, discusses her upcoming speech on 'Thinking Differently about Customers' to the Actuaries Summit in May; how her actuarial training has helped her career; and what she finds interesting in her current role.


Actuary speaks on depression, FSI and a Super Industry "Cold War"

VIDEO: Finity Consulting Principal Geoff Atkins on his experience with depression, contributing to the Murray Inquiry (FSI) and a Super Industry "Cold War".

Taking the Lead at the Actuaries Summit

A snapshot of the plenaries, concurrents and networking that went on at this year's Actuaries Summit by members of the Organising Committee.


Summit through Young Actuary eyes

Young actuary and PwC consultant Ruby Huang reflects on the hot topics and her networking experience at the 2015 Actuaries Summit.

Highlights of Gala Dinner and Day Two at the Actuaries Summit

Up early for Day Two of #ActSum, delegates gathered to hear about the career highs, lows and lessons of distinguished actuarial leaders as well as new breakthroughs in cancer treatment and data analytics.

Highlights of Day One at the Actuaries Summit

President Estelle Pearson welcomed 450 delegates from around to the 2015 Actuaries Summit on Monday as Keynote Speaker, Air Vice Marshall Margaret Staib, CEO of AirServices Australia, shared fascinating insights into her organisation.

Obesity and the Longevity Myth – Summit Preview

Could being slightly overweight actually improve your health and medical outcomes? Actuary Barry Rafe digs into the data and recent mortality research to uncover fascinating insights into the ‘obesity epidemic’.

Annabel keeps actuaries on side

Political commentator Annabel Crabb reflects on the importance of numbers and keeping actuaries “sweet” ahead of her facilitation of the Actuaries Summit.

How to Become an Actuarial Thought Leader - Summit Preview

Martin Mulcare previews his upcoming Actuaries Summit presentation on how actuaries can develop thought leadership in the areas they work.

What's in store at the Actuaries Summit?

The Actuaries Summit will offer insight into traditional and emerging areas of actuarial practice, over five plenary and 56 concurrent sessions in Melbourne.

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