APRA proposes to end insurer peer review

APRA is proposing to remove annual external peer review requirements for general insurers from 31 December 2015 onwards.

In the Margin: May 2015...Race You to the Top

Move over Sydney. In the battle for the title of Australia’s biggest city, Melbourne is about to knock you from your long-held perch, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics forecasting that Melbourne’s population will outstrip Sydney’s by 2053 (and some people suggesting it will happen much sooner).

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On clouds of data - Alan Joyce on steering Qantas

When the engine exploded on QF32 flight out of Singapore, with 469 lives on-board, Alan Joyce faced hard decisions. In a crisis executive meeting, with Qantas’ chief engineer and chief pilot in Sydney, Joyce watched televisions beam images of fallen aircraft parts on the ground in Indonesia. He knew well the risk to the Qantas brand, let alone the crew and passengers. Here, he speaks with actuary Alan Greenfield on how he navigates the challenges of business leadership and the role mathematics has played in both his career and the aviation business.


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