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Sam Maitra

Modern Yo-Yo Play


An Analytics-Minded Actuaries Guide to MOOCs*

* Massive Open Online Courses


Micro-insurance in the Philippines

Is Australian style community rating a good model for developing health micro-insurance in the Philippines?


Standing at the C-ROSS of China’s Insurance History

An Outline of China’s Risk Oriented Solvency System (C-ROSS)

No Fork Required – An Australian Traveller in Asia’s Insurance World

An Australian Traveller in Asia’s Insurance World – Vice President and Chief Pricing Actuary (Asia) at RGA Alissa Holz shares her Experience


The Winner's Curse

Although the term may be unfamiliar, the Winner’s Curse is a subject that many actuaries have come across in one form or another and implicitly understand without having investigated in depth. Understanding the subject of the Winner’s Curse is important in some actuarial fields, in particular, Group Risk.

Actuarial Transformation – The Future Actuary

Actuarial Transformation represents a fundamental change to the operating model of an actuarial team.


Working in Asia

This month’s Pulse Survey focused on gauging your experiences and opinions on working in Asia.



When your professional position is dependent on your reputation then perception is reality.


You are Here

Using the clues provided, identify nine words which can be fitted into the grid provided.


Now that the dust is settling from the initial flurry of immediate responses to the first budget of the new Australian government, some of the long-term implications are becoming clearer.

Let's Go Digital

What we envisage is an enhanced digital relationship with Members, and the broader community. This will allow us to provide timely (sometimes real-time) news and information relevant to actuaries, and to the broader community interested in the work of the profession.


Oh Gae, how am I going to get through the rest of my life without your advice?


An Equatorial Perspective - Experiences in Malaysia

Tim Howell, Director, Actuarial Service Centre Asia Pacific at Zurich tells of his move abroad.