Five things we learned networking in London

The London Australian Actuaries Network reports on its December mission to combine networking with one of the great institutions of British culture – pints at a pub.

The London Australian Actuaries Network (“LAAN”) was founded in late 2017 with the intention of organising quarterly networking drinks for Institute members living in the UK.

Typically based in the “square mile” area of London city (akin to the CBD in Australian cities, but for banks and insurers), we aim to combine networking with one of the great institutions of British culture – pints at a pub. Because let’s face it, where else would an actuary rather be in London’s notoriously gloomy weather?


Our December event took place in the Counting House, a traditional pub located between the Bank of England and the Lloyds building. We had an excellent diversity within our turnout of about a dozen, with Aussies from all areas of practice – industry, consulting, the PRA (Prudential Regulation Authority), and even academia. There were Aussies who’ve just arrived in London, some part way through a two year youth mobility visa, and others who have set down roots (with one veteran loving the country so much that he’s stayed for over 30 years).

We learned a few interesting facts over the course of the night:

  1. Most Aussies who’ve settled down in the UK didn’t intend to do so in the first place. It is a place that grows on you. Falling in love with a local catalyses this process.
  2. It is always good to meet the regulators who regulate you (the author of this article can testify there were no bribes of beer or other unprofessional conduct).
  3. We all love the fact a three hour flight will get you to most places in Europe, whereas in Australia you’ll still be in the middle of nowhere.
  4. Being allowed to vote in the UK as Australian citizens almost feels like we’re interfering in another country’s democracy, as in Australia we are so used to only being able to vote if we’re Australian citizens. But we all voted against Brexit anyway.
  5. The weather doesn’t get better (it is snowing as I write this).


All in all, it was a wonderful night and we look forward to hosting future events in 2018. If you live in London, or are dropping by London for any period of time, do reach out to Lily Meszaros  at the Institute who will let you know when the next event will be. If are you are living in London and have not yet updated your address to the UK, please update it so Lily will know where to send our event invites.

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