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Actuaries Digital download and print edition - January 2017

Welcome to our round-up of the articles posted on Actuaries Digital during January 2017.

The evolution of disability insurance within superannuation

Disability cover has received considerable media attention recently which has led to significant analysis and review from superannuation funds and their insurers (and reinsurers) on several key issues. Here, Senior Consultants at Rice Warner, Geoff McRae and Andrea McDonnell, outline the issues and the future of this evolving provision.

Climate Risk Management for Financial Institutions

The authors of 'Climate Risk Management for Financial Institutions' - a paper presented at the General Insurance Seminar in November 2016 - discuss how financial institutions can play a critical role in managing the potential financial risks posed by climate change.

The Carer Pay gap

In Julia Lessing’s recent post, she analysed the likely reasons for the gender pay gap between men and women, and concluded that based on available evidence, at least some of it is due to discrimination. But what else is behind it? This week’s post looks at the Carer Pay gap – a gap in pay that currently disproportionately impacts women.

Under the Spotlight: Scott Duncan

[VIDEO] When Scott Duncan realised his childhood dreams to become “a swimming coach, cruise boat captain or a policeman” were not entirely suitable, he became an actuary. Now a Senior Actuary at Taylor Fry, Scott tells us how passionate he is about his job and also shares his hopes of mingling with wizards.


Pre-Budget Submission - 2017/18

The Actuaries Institute’s Pre-Budget Submission encourages timely Government action to introduce and promote Comprehensive Income Products for Retirement (CIPRs); facilitate the rationalisation of life insurance legacy products; and implement stronger risk mitigation measures to protect against the potential impacts of climate change.



Chief Editor Trang Duncanson presents some of the results of the recent Actuaries.Digital Magazine Survey and reflects on plans for improvement in 2017.


Is there really a gender pay gap for actuaries?

In this guest post on Actuarial Eye, Julia Lessing analyses the statistics on remuneration for actuaries – is there a gap between men and women? Certainly the headlines suggest there is a gap, as evidenced by an article sent to Jennifer Lang by at least five people. But what is causing it? Julia goes behind the headlines.

A History of British Actuarial Thought

Craig Turnbull, Investment Director at Standard Life Investments (UK), recently published the book 'A History of British Actuarial Thought'. In this book, Craig illustrates the development of the actuarial profession within each of the three key practice areas of life assurance, pensions and general insurance.

Aftershock: Can ‘model change’ impact the real economy in New Zealand?

Alexander Pui discusses the interaction of catastrophe modelling, under-insurance, credit ratings, and interest rates. He warns of the potential spiraling of under-insurance that could be triggered by a higher evaluation of earthquake risk in New Zealand.

Reinventing life insurance underwriting

After a frustrating visit to a financial planner to reassess his life insurance cover, Angat Sandhu considers issues in the life insurance underwriting process and how the industry might “retain the soul, but design a new body”.


Mindfulness and meditation for actuaries

Milton Lim, actuary at Taylor Fry, spent a year travelling and meditating at retreats. In this article, he shares with us what he's learnt about mindfulness, meditation and emotional intelligence.

2017 Look Ahead Calendar

The 2017 calendar is already filling up with exciting seminars, dinners and courses. Take a look at the 2017 Look-Ahead Calendar to save the dates.

Actuaries Digital download and print edition December 2016

Welcome to our round-up of the articles posted on Actuaries Digital during November 2016.

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